Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chalkboard Wall in the Kitchen

I have seen many awesome pictures of chalkboard walls in kitchens. I had wanted one but never did it.
But then my son started Grade 1 and was struggling. He didn't want to be there.
So I though I'd finally get my chalkboard wall and my son could have fun while learning. And, it is working!!

Here is how I did it. I taped off all the surrounding areas. Then I edged and the rolled the chalk paint on. I waited a few hours and then did a second coat.

Then you need to wait a few days for it to fully dry. After that it needs to be "seasoned". Basically you take a piece of chalk on it's side and rub it all over the wall. Then take a dry cloth and rub it off.
Be prepared for a mess!! 
Then it is ready to use.

Here is what it looks like finished:

The kids love it!! 

Here's a look at the other wall while we are in here. We moved the cabinet that used to be below the TV in the living room. It is now a buffet area. I plan on putting shelves above it for more storage.

Oh and I will be painting this room again...
I LOVE the Kensington Green. BUT now with the chalkboard wall being a whole black wall, it really feels dark in here.

I just need to get the paint!! Oh and to find the time...
I need to decide on a colour. I want to go much lighter. I wanted BM Nelson Blue, but Lowes doesn't have the formula for that. So I am also thinking about BM Glass Slipper. I already have SW Comfort Gray for our bedroom and I could use that in here too... So many decisions!!

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