Saturday, 2 November 2013

Basement Fireplace Facelift

Fireplace Makeover:

I have been wanting to do this for awhile. Then last weekend the hubby needed a project to work on. It has rained every weekend and this one was no different.

So here's what we started with:

The brick was in terrible condition. We painted it last year. But it was still horrible.

So we basically created a "cover" for it. If someone ever decides that they want the wood burning fireplace back, it is still underneath. 

 Basically the frame is just 2x4's and then covered in a MDF sheet.

Then we added moldings and made a mantel.

Now it looks like this:

Now it is feeling much more cozy down there.
The hubby wants a new colour on the walls and I am having a hard time deciding what direction to go with it.
He is starting another project down there right now! He goes in bursts when he has an idea. So we are coming along :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Kids Bathroom Update

 Here's a quick update on the kids bathroom. It is taking much longer than I hoped but we are getting there slowly.

I had to re-paint the room. Originally we painted it Colorado Gray. But my hubby got a deal on a counter top (without asking me) and it didn't go together very well. So I had to start over.

I ended up painting it BM Ashwood. The room has no natural light and it looked a bit green on the walls. I added a tiny bit of black paint and it worked out.

We are still waiting for the cabinet doors and drawers.

I made the sign after I fell in love with the one I saw here. 

We put in a new light too. It's from the Archie collection at home depot. It is the only light that doesn't have white glass. I wanted clear to help the light travel better. I find the white ones don't do that.

Then we put up the wood planked wall. I love, love, love it!! I wanted to do all the walls but hubby refused. We compromised ;)
I had a vision of putting the hooks on it to hang the towels on. It looks exactly like I wanted and it is working great. The towels dry nicely and the kids can reach to hang it up by themselves.

So now we need to finish putting the mirror up. I have the toilet paper and towel holders but we just need to put them up. Then we need our drawers and doors.
Then one day I'd like a new shower curtain. But we still need to re-do the tile and tub in there and that's a whole other project :P

Monday, 9 September 2013

New Kitchen Paint

It had to be done. Once we decided to paint the Living/Dining Room Edgecomb Gray, we knew that the time had come to paint the kitchen again.
I have had the Benjamin Moore Kensington Green colour chip in my purse for a very long time now. 
Ever since I saw this picture:

                                                           House of Turquoise

So one evening we were in Lowes and I just decided to have it mixed up and go for it.

After two coats of paint our kitchen now looks more like this:

The walls are now BM Kensington Green (mixed in Olympic One).

The rest of it looks like this:

We added trim work around the doorway. It looks so much nicer now.

One day we will change the light but not until we figure out the whole plan.

There is soooo much that I would love to do to this room. But it's not a necessity, the room works as it is.
But one day.....
With a hubby who works with customs kitchens as his job, we have many ideas for this space. It could function much better and be much more custom.
I'd love to have wood planked walls in here somewhere, or bead board on the ceiling. I would love to make a built in seat in front of the bay window. I am always thinking up new ideas ;)
But for now it will work just fine.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Living Room Reveal

My friends think I'm nuts because I paint so often. I actually hate painting at this point. But I am determined to have our house look the way we want it. I am finally finding a style that works for both me and my dear husband. Sometimes I come up with ideas and he hates it. So things have to change. We are both starting to love what we have done.

Enough chit chat...
Here's what we did to the living room & dining room.

So we did A LOT!! We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Then we had to finish the door moldings. Everything is connected and one project leads to the next. 
We bought black curtain rods on sale at Lowes. We put up Ikea Ritva curtains in white.
Then we decided that our dining room table wasn't coming back in our beautiful room.
I searched kijiji for a replacement. I found it and painted it white. I re-covered the seats in Navy Outdoor fabric from Tonic Living. I stripped the top and re-stained it. 
We love this table now. It really goes well with the look we are going for. Light and bright.

Now get ready for picture over load!

I still need to decide what I want to put on either side of our sailboat painting over the couch.

I moved the console table from the entry in here. Now the laptop goes there. I also moved the mirror there too. It's a black qua trefoil  mirror from Lowes. I have big plans for the entry anyway and now it's a blank slate.

I love my Nate Berkus turtle shell. But the colour just doesn't work for me now. I want to spray paint it but I need to decide if I want white or do something neat like Navy Blue.

One of our next projects is building a fireplace where the TV unit is. The white unit we have now is way too big for the space. The TV will go above the fireplace. I'd love to get rid of the TV in this room. But having two young kids, that's just not going to happen.

I also ordered new art for either side of the Ballard Inspired Shelves. They are prints of vintage travel posters. 

We also bought a orb chandelier from Home Depot. We loved other ones too but decided we needed something that we could see through. Then it wouldn't take away from our view.

There's nothing like a before & after to really show you the changes.



Thanks for looking around. Next time I will show you what the hallway looks like now too.
I hope you love it because we spend time just looking at everything and thinking about how much we love it now.

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