Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bring Our House to Life

I feel like the outside of our house needs an injection of life. When I pull into the drive I think "meh" and I should love it. But I just like it.

Here is what it looks like right now:

Last spring we gave it a quick makeover. I painted the shutters and garage door Behr Laurel Oak. The front door got spray painted black.

Here's a before picture:

The problem is that people tell me it looks good. I think it's because it looks better than it did :P
But I just don't love it. My hubby thinks I'm nuts. Most people say I'm nuts. That's ok.

We know that we have to replace our garage door and our front door. Our siding also needs painting or replaced. I feel like now is the time to test out the colour scheme I want, so that when we spend the money on new stuff I wont re-paint it.

Here are some house that I love:

I love, love, love the look of red doors with black shutters.
But I am worried about the colour of our bricks. They are kind of a salmon/gray colour. Any thoughts? Will it look great?? Will it look crazy??
Then what do I do the garage doors?
I am thinking red front door, black shutters and white garage door with carriage hardware. Then when we do the siding it should be painted gray.
What red to choose???
I love:
Valspar Posh Red (like YHL)
Valspar Heirloom Red
Valspar Front Door Red (like Katie Bower)
BM Heritage Red
Krylon Cherry Red (it would be sooo easy to spray paint it)

Help!! I am so torn!!