Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer House Tour-Keeping It Real

I have been seeing a lot of summer home tours in blogland this summer. I really want to show my home too! While it isn't where I'd like it to be (not even close), I figured what the heck. So as we have a look around please keep in mind that we have lived her for one year and we have many, many projects planned for this house. But we plan on tackling them slowly over time.

Today we will cover most of it. But we will do the yard, basement and laundry room for another day. Because in all honestly, trying to take pictures of the whole house with both my kids following me making a mess is hard work!!

Let's start in my entryway. Do come in! I have some plans for here but for now this is how it is.
It is painted Glidden Autumn Haze. We painted the back of the front door Silhouette by Martha Stewart.

Looking towards the front door from our living room:

From there we see our powder room or half bath. We are almost done renovating it. Well actually we were done but it just didn't feel right to us. Needless to say I convinced hubby to install two shelves above the toilet. Only to live with them for a bit and then decide that it felt too cluttered for such a small space. Now I am patching things up. I hope to have it sanded and primed tonight and I need to decide if I want to change the paint colour or not. Right now it's Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. So many colours see either too dark or totally washed out in there. The lack of natural light really messes me up!
So far we have the vanity, sink and faucet in and we love them. We did bead board on the bottom half and also love that. I plan on doing a complete Before & After post on it once it's fully done.
Here's what we have so far:

Next up is the living/dining room. We installed board and batten and painted the top Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue. It really is a gorgeous colour but I wonder if it's too dark?? We have brown leather furniture that wont be going anywhere for awhile. I'd love something else but there isn't anything wrong with it and with two messy kids it's so easy.

Same with my dining room table. It's was my grandmothers and it's is super wobbly now. We haven't decided what we want yet though. I really need to put proper curtains up. But we are planning on a new hardwood floor soon. Hopefully once that goes in we will be able to finally finish this room properly.

I did have the hubby make me some Ballard Design inspired shelves for the dining room wall. We love, love, love them!

I also want a new light over the table but we can't decide on one yet. We have one in mind but need to check it out to see if it will work.

Next up is the kitchen. Last September I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Sesame. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It sure brightened up the room but I don't love it and I have other plans for in there. Since the hubby works for a custom kitchen company, we actually have big plans (down the road) to gut and re-do the kitchen to his standards. It was brand new when we moved in but it was so dark and I painted it white until we tackle the rest at some point.

Now that we are finished the main floor, let's head upstairs. 
First up is Abby's room. It's kind of in transition but it's getting there.

Then we have Aiden's room.

If we go through the upper hallway: 

We will arrive in our Master Bedroom. I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. I pretty much hate everything about this room. It needs an over haul but it's one of the last things we think about.

You want a sneak peak at our HORRIBLE en-suite bathroom? Be gentle it will be torn apart one day...

I almost forgot the kids bathroom! It's is about to be torn apart in the next few weeks. We have most of the supplies and just need the time to work on it. 
But here's what it looks like now:

So that is the end of the tour for now. Next we will go hang out in the backyard with a glass of wine ;)

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  1. I love the palladian blue in your powder room. Maybe change the light bulbs from incandescent they cast a yellow glow. I love wythe blue but if your not changing your couches than yes its too dark. Its so pretty though. Maybe slipcover the couches.