Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gettin' Funky In The Powder Room

Our powder room is funky. It smells funky, it looks funky. There's no other way to say it nicely. 
It is original to our house, so after 32 years it's gotta go!! We knew when we bought the house that all the bathrooms needed gut jobs. But those are big projects and while they are all dated, they all still function. Why ruin a good thing right?? 
Well slowly the bathrooms have been showing us that they wont sit quietly and wait to be done. 
Our en-suite bathroom only has a giant useless jetted tub (that takes up the whole room), a pedestal sink and a toilet. Well the toilet decided to over flow one day before work. That wasn't fun, let me tell you! Lets say water went everywhere...soaked into our bedroom and closet and down through the ceiling making some marks in the kitchen ceiling. How'd we fix the problem you ask?? We just stopped using the toilet. Gutting a bathroom isn't in the budget right now. 
Our man bath (kids bathroom)...well it works. But the hot water taps on both the sink and the tub need to be cranked shut with all your might just to stop dripping. So I never even use the hot water for the sink. But to re-do that bathroom we have to do our en-suite first. The kids bathroom is the only tub/shower in the house. So ours needs to be done first, then theirs. OY!!!
Then recently our newly potty trained Abby decided to overflow the powder room toilet. Water went everywhere. It even soaked through our newly finished basement ceiling. Seriously?! Can't things go easily for us??
Anyway, that powder room has always smelled funky. I clean it all the time hoping to get rid of the smell, but no such luck. So now that Abby has flooded it and it stinks, my hubby decided that now's the time to rip it apart. He had to make a whole in the basement ceiling when it flooded and there is no point in patching it up until we fix that room.
Que my awesome hubby...
I come upstairs last night around 9pm after I finished my run on the treadmill, sweaty and ready for a shower...only to find that the water to the house has been shut off and he is ripping out the vanity. How's that for awesome? :P
Anyway, so now I have to come up with a plan for the powder room. 
I found these floor tiles at Home Depot. We have always wanted bead board in our powder room, so that will be done. We replaced the light last year, so that is done already. I need to patch up all the holes, sand and prime them. I got some paint samples today hopefully one is a winner.
I can't decide if I should do a light grey vanity or a white one with a grey counter top? I lean towards white because it is always fresh a crisp. Plus we have no window, so the brighter the better!
I have a picture in my mind of what it should look like...hopefully it turns out!!

Powder Room

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