Friday, 22 March 2013

Time to Sand the Basement

We have come a long way in our basement over the winter. We have been slowly working on it when we have time and money to do so. Plus Meez got a bit bored of working on it all the time and he did some other projects in between. Now he's ready to get back to work down there.
Weeks ago we finished most of the drywall, sanded, primed and painted one coat. It's easier to put colour on the wall and then you see your imperfections. Then he patched any spots he saw. It sat like that for a bit.
Tonight we will be ready to sand and prime those areas. Maybe I will even be able to get to paint. We do most of our DIY work at night while the kids are sleeping. It saves from them getting in the way or "helping" as they call it.

|Here's what it looks like right now: 

It looks simple enough...but it has been a lot of work!! We still have sooo much to do. Once the painting is done it will feel more normal. We need to figure out the fireplace wall. Meez wants to clad it in stone, so we shall see what happens. We will need go buy carpet and have it installed. Plus we need some toy storage and a TV cabinet.

Here's what it looked like once we had just started the project:

Here's my mood board for the basement. We want it to be light and airy feeling. We want it to be inviting for the kids so they want to play down there. Plus feel inviting for us so we want to hang out down there. Hubby is a movie fanatic and can't wait to have everything set up to blast his movies again.

It looks like a weekend of fun in the basement for us!!


  1. Hi Sherry, I received you message on Facebook and had to come over to check it out! Good luck with your blog and you awesome basement reno.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot to me :)