Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Board and Batten Sneak Peak

I asked my hubby to put some shelves up in the dining room...
I still don't have shelves up but this happened instead.

The shelves looked funny on the wall. But I knew they needed to be at a certain height so that "one day" when we did board and batton wainscoting that it would look right. So the next day we ended up at Lowes getting supplies to do the dining room wall. Once hubby got started and saw how awesome it would look, he kept going.
He fought me on the details along the way. But admitted that in the end my ideas were right :)
I ended up repainting the wall BM Wythe Blue. They really make the white pop. We are in love with it!
We are still not fully done. But done enough to take a break for a bit and recharge.
I will post some more details and pictures once I have them together :)

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