Monday, 10 February 2014

Aiden's Room Refresh

Maybe I am crazy...well I know that I am a bit crazy. But I have been slowly trying to lighten and brighten our house.
My next stop was Aiden's room. It was painted blue when we moved it. But it was soooo much blue! Blue curtains, blue bed, blue walls, blue everywhere! It felt so dark too.
So I finally painted it a light gray. For some reason Aiden still thinks it's blue, so he's happy.
Now I think it looks great. Light gray walls make the navy curtains and red details pop!

I made him his own red growth chart (as per his request). Once we finally hang it, it will look great!
He also loves his Ikea Expedit shelving unit. It stores all his Lego's, toys and books.

Aiden's favorite colour is red. He wanted a red room, but I just couldn't handle that. So I am trying to give him lots of red items.
I would like to build him a desk where his dresser is. The dresser barely gets used anyway. I want to built custom shelves in his closet and have everything organized in there.

I would love to switch out his Ikea Kura bed for something else. But he loves it. He loves having the tent. He says he is nervous without out it ;)

So while I have lots of things that I would still like to do it here, for now it's "done".
Aiden likes it and for those who know how picky that boy is, that is hard to do!!

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