Friday, 25 October 2013

Kids Bathroom Update

 Here's a quick update on the kids bathroom. It is taking much longer than I hoped but we are getting there slowly.

I had to re-paint the room. Originally we painted it Colorado Gray. But my hubby got a deal on a counter top (without asking me) and it didn't go together very well. So I had to start over.

I ended up painting it BM Ashwood. The room has no natural light and it looked a bit green on the walls. I added a tiny bit of black paint and it worked out.

We are still waiting for the cabinet doors and drawers.

I made the sign after I fell in love with the one I saw here. 

We put in a new light too. It's from the Archie collection at home depot. It is the only light that doesn't have white glass. I wanted clear to help the light travel better. I find the white ones don't do that.

Then we put up the wood planked wall. I love, love, love it!! I wanted to do all the walls but hubby refused. We compromised ;)
I had a vision of putting the hooks on it to hang the towels on. It looks exactly like I wanted and it is working great. The towels dry nicely and the kids can reach to hang it up by themselves.

So now we need to finish putting the mirror up. I have the toilet paper and towel holders but we just need to put them up. Then we need our drawers and doors.
Then one day I'd like a new shower curtain. But we still need to re-do the tile and tub in there and that's a whole other project :P

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