Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's Time....Kids Bathroom Reno

Well, the bathrooms are raising hell in our house again!
We have the powder room mostly done now. It all works but it's now down to finishing details. I don't love the paint in there right now either but I'm not in a rush to change it yet.
Our master en-suite toilet hasn't worked in months but that whole bathroom in a can of works that we aren't ready to open yet. So we haven't touched it.
But then last week the toilet in the kids bathroom stopped flushing. So now we are down to one working toilet! What a pain for a family of four!!
We have been trying to decide what's more important to start with. We made a decision and now need to get started.
We have decided to put a new toilet in our bathroom and leave the rest of it for now. Then we can rip apart the kids bathroom. Everything except the shower/tub will be coming out. That will be a whole other project down the road. Since we don't have a shower in the en-suite, the kids' is the only one. So we will need to re-do our bathroom and put in a shower there before we rip out the kids. Crazy isn't it?!
Anyway, the kids bathroom vanity is actually falling apart, the sink is rusting, the tap doesn't shut off all the way, the list goes on....
So My husband has a vanity base for us to put in. I just have to decide what colour to have the doors painted. I am leaning towards a light gray colour.
So here are my ideas. My sons favorite colour is red and he always complains there isn't any red in the house. Since I'm not about to paint the whole room red, I will put in red accents.
I love, love, love the entrance at the Happy Housie. I think that idea would look fab in the kids bathroom. The walls are Benjamin Moore Colorado Gray and the bottom is white board and batten. Plus the sign is pretty awesome too!
I already have the white shower curtain and I think that will stay. I saw a cool red clock through Target and I need to get my hands on one like it! The rug is from Ikea and indoor/outdoor safe so it will hold up to my kids and will be easy to clean.
We already have the tile since we will be using the same tile from the powder room.
So what do you think?? I think that by keeping it pretty neutral that I can change the art and accessories when the kids need a change. Plus it seems like something that both a boy and girl can live with.

Here is the Kid & Guest Bathroom Mood Board :

Kids Bathroom


  1. Cute stuff totally love the "fresh fish" board :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

    1. Thanks! I hope to get started soon because now I am super excited :)