Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It's time to join...

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, since I discovered Pinterest. I figured I should join the blogging world. I usually have things to say but I doubt all my facebook friends want to see so many updates from me and my crazy ideas.
I can't wait to get started!!
I am a busy mom of two beautiful kids. Aiden is five and Abby is two. They keep me busy but I love them more than anything.
I have a super awesome husband. He works hard to support us and we love him VERY much! He is also super handy!! It's hard to put his handiness to work though, since he is isn't home until late each day.
I work part time, three days a week. It works out that I can make some extra money but still have time with my kids.
I have just started re-finishing some furniture. It happened by accident actually. I bought a table replace our dining table. I re-did it and it was gorgeous. But it really was a bit too small for our dining room. So I sold it and made money. I did a few more pieces and sold them too. I was hooked.
Then money I made helps go towards my other projects. I got to buy shelving units and a new bed for my daughters room and it didn't cost us anything! I was so happy and my hubby was happy because it didn't cost him anything.

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