Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nautical/ Rustic Inspired Summer Living Room

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to change things up design wise. So what better way than to have have a "summer" living room?? I think that if I can change it up slightly for summer & winter, then I would be happy. The base pieces will always stay the same. Just changing up the pillows and some decor pieces will help me do that!

Here is my idea:


Living by impatientremodeler featuring bamboo blinds

I have already ordered the red ticking stripe pillow covers. I have the vintage Canada travel posters too!
I have been trying to hunt down some of the items from Target's Nautical Collection. But our Target's here don't have most of the items :(

Our next order of business is building the Ana White Rustic X Coffee Table. I think the weathered grey stain will look amazing!

Then eventually we can do side tables as well!

I would love to get rid of the brown leather couches but that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. There is nothing really wrong with them and they sure hide mess that my kids gets into!

So stay tuned for more updates!!! I am super excited!!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover....FINALLY!!!

Master Bedroom Makeover... Finally!!

So, I have never really liked our master bedroom decor. I have mentioned it a few times. I have tried to work with what I have, but it never felt "right". Last month I sold our entire bedroom set. We have been sleeping with our mattress on the floor ever since. It sucks!

Last week, I sold a few more things and we got started on building a farmhouse bed from Ana White plans. It is looking amazing!! Hopefully we can finish and put it all together very soon.

But seeing the beautiful bed made me realize that I needed to change a few more things. i think that I will have to paint the room one shade darker. Right now it is SW Comfort Gray but I need to go to SW Oyster Bay to get some contrast with the white bed. I REALLY do not want to re-paint but we will see I guess.

I also now want to build two night stands like these from Ana White. I want to bring in the warm wood tones and the rustic element.

Then on the other side of the room I would like to sell my existing console table and build these instead.

I am beyond ridiculously excited for how it would look if we get it all done!!

Now I just have to convince my hubby to help me out :)

Here is the Master Bedroom Mood Board for what I am thinking. It has a rustic but nautical vibe to it.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Comfort Gray in the Kitchen

You guessed it, I painted the kitchen. Again. Yes, for the fifth time in two years. 
Don't get me wrong, I loved the Kensington Green. It was a beautiful colour but I craved something calmer.

I ended up painting it SW Comfort Gray. It feels so much more peaceful now.

I will admit that I still have some other things that I'd like to do in here. But none of it is necessary right away.

It is so much lighter and brighter too. With the long, cold and dark winter that we have had this year, that is a must.

I HATE those bulkheads. I have some ideas on how to hide them. But the hubby isn't on board yet. One day....

On the wall above the buffet, I am planning a command centre. It will have the cork board, and some metal wire file holders. I need somewhere to corral all the kids papers and our bills and things. I just need to find them.

Here's where I am going with this kitchen:

Kitchen Ideas

 photo 1001954_10101065966207063_96074138_n_zpsa41e371a.jpg

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

I should start out by saying that I have started to re-do our bedroom several times in the last two years. My husband rolls his eyes when I mention anything about out, he is sick of it. But it has never felt right and I am determined to fix that.

This is what it looked like a few months ago. It was just a bunch of things from other rooms in our old house. 

The bedroom set we bought for our last house. I never liked it and I am not sure why I agreed to spend money on it.

I was going to sell the furniture and start over. This morning Aiden broke one of the slats on the foot board. Now it's the perfect excuse to get rid of it!

I haven't decided if the night stands will stay. I feel like they are too short and dark. But I need to see how high the bed will be once we have a metal bed frame (I want an upholstered head board).
I have other night stands in the basement. They are tall and skinny but they need to be painted something lighter first.

Two weeks ago I re-painted our room Sherwin Williamns Comfort Gray (mixed at Lowes).
I love it, it's the perfect colour.

So here is my Master Bedroom Mood Board for my ideas.


Master by impatientremodeler featuring colored furniture

What do you think?? I think it can be done easily! I already have the red table that I will use to do my make up. We need to make a head board. The night stands need to be painted. I already have the bedding.
Hopefully I will start making some more progress on it soon!!

 photo 1001954_10101065966207063_96074138_n_zpsa41e371a.jpg

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kids Bathroom Progress

There has been a tiny bit of progress in the kids bathroom, finally.
Yes, we finally got our vanity doors and drawers.

Then we also put some new hardware on those doors and drawers.

There are still so many little things to do in here. Like a hand towel holder put on the wall.
We actually have it, it's just not on the wall.
And don;t even get me started on how much I want to rip out that tile in the shower!!

You don't even want to see inside those doors because we still need some roll out drawers, for organization.
Yes, the mirror still isn't on the wall. It drives me nuts but it's not a project that I can do on my own. That thing is crazy heavy!!!

But progress is progress, right?!?!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Aiden's Room Refresh

Maybe I am crazy...well I know that I am a bit crazy. But I have been slowly trying to lighten and brighten our house.
My next stop was Aiden's room. It was painted blue when we moved it. But it was soooo much blue! Blue curtains, blue bed, blue walls, blue everywhere! It felt so dark too.
So I finally painted it a light gray. For some reason Aiden still thinks it's blue, so he's happy.
Now I think it looks great. Light gray walls make the navy curtains and red details pop!

I made him his own red growth chart (as per his request). Once we finally hang it, it will look great!
He also loves his Ikea Expedit shelving unit. It stores all his Lego's, toys and books.

Aiden's favorite colour is red. He wanted a red room, but I just couldn't handle that. So I am trying to give him lots of red items.
I would like to build him a desk where his dresser is. The dresser barely gets used anyway. I want to built custom shelves in his closet and have everything organized in there.

I would love to switch out his Ikea Kura bed for something else. But he loves it. He loves having the tent. He says he is nervous without out it ;)

So while I have lots of things that I would still like to do it here, for now it's "done".
Aiden likes it and for those who know how picky that boy is, that is hard to do!!

 photo 1001954_10101065966207063_96074138_n_zpsa41e371a.jpg

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Room for My Princess

Abby's room sure has come a long way. When we moved in we painted it purple. Then about a year ago, I painted it a custom mix paint (I just mixed cans that I had). That is how it stayed for the last year. I never fully finished her room. I have finally "finished" it now. There are still some things I'd like to do, but for now it's done!

Last week I did the gold stars on her wall. This weekend I managed to get her canopy up.
Now she has a canopy above her daybed. She calls it her "tent'.

I ordered the gold stars from Julia @ Cuckoo 4 Design. She is such a sweetheart to order from!!
I love how the gold looks with the BM Lido Green paint.

Abby really loves it and that makes me incredibly happy!
I made her a name sign for her wall. The pink wall lights were from Ikea a few years ago. Her bedding was from Ikea a few years ago. The navy sheets I just bought from Ikea.
The curtains are Ikea Merete. I'd like to do something else to them one day. Possibly ribbon or pom pom trim. But no rush for that ;)
She also need bamboo blinds on her windows.

I made her a navy growth chart for her room as well. We need to replace her closet doors and built proper organization inside her closet.

This is the other side of the room. I'd love to do some other things over here. But she loves playing with the huge doll house that she got for Christmas and her Barbie's.

So as long as Abby loves it, I am happy for now. 
She sure has come a long way from sleeping in our walk-in closet at our old house!

Am I nuts for the makeover?? Probably! But I don't care. Everyone I know thinks I've lost my marble with my re-decorating. But our house is finally feeling like "me". Light and bright!!

The craziest part is every time I look at the wall colour (it is so pretty) I wonder if I should have painted it SW Sea Salt instead?
I think I have a sickness. The problem is that I don't "love" it when I walk in. I will wait and see how everything else comes together first. But knowing me, I will probably change it one day when no ones I looking ;)

Maybe now I can start on our room!  photo 1001954_10101065966207063_96074138_n_zpsa41e371a.jpg
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